Wood County, Texas

Wood County Cemeteries are listed here in the same order that they appear in the four volumes of cemetery records in our collection. Also shown are the volume number and page number where each cemetery listing begins.

Pictures of some tombstones will be made available as time permits and we are able to photograph them.

As time permits, complete transcription of surveys privately done will be added to this web site. In order not to infringe on any publication that may be or may have been done by the Wood County Genealogical Society only the person's name and year of birth and death will be included. If you have any information, or recent survey that has been done by you or any one who is willing to share the information with others, please contact Betty Miller and/or Patsy Vinson.

Cemeteries 1 through 34, 50, 68, 69, 70 and 72 are located in the southeast quarter of the county.

No. Name (Volume/Page)

 1    Gentry (I/1)
 2    Liberty (I/4)
 3    Haney (I/14)
 4    Mount Pisgah (I/19)    FM49, between Hainesville and Pine Mills
 5    Rockfield (I/51)
 6    Greer (I/57)
 7    Smith (I/58)
 8    Varner (I/69)
 9    New Hope (I/70)
       So. of US80, E of FM2422, about 4 miles E of Mineola
10    Turner (I/92)
11    Reed (I/106)
12    Concord (I/109)
          North of  Hainsville (FM49 & FM778) 1.8 miles
13    Moseley (I/151)
14    Baldwin (I/152)
15    Dumas (I/153)
16    Good (I/154)
17    Paron (I/155)
18    Ray (I/161)
19    Ray Family (I/166)
20    Freeman's Chapel (I/169)
21    Hawkins City (I/172)
22    Old Fouke (I/180)
Mansell #1 (I/190) (Click for listing)
Mansell #2 (I/191) (Click for listing)
25    McMillan (I/192) FM 778, turn left on Wolf Road, on left across from first house.
26    Jarvis Christian College (I/193)
27    Little Hope (I/196)
28    Roberts (I/210)
29    Moody (I/211)
30    Kay (I/212)
31    Beavers (I/215)
32    Dunahoe (I/228)
33    Dyess  Graves (I/229) One mile north of present New Hope Cemetery. Two graves only. George Dyess born about 1806 in GA. He died about 1865 in Wood Co., TX. His wife Mary Crump Dyess is buried next to him. She was born about 1805 in NC and died about 1875 in Wood County. The story is they were trying to take George's body to New Hope when the ox cart carrying the casket kept bogging down in the mud. The owner of the land let them bury him there and at her death she was buried next to him.
34    Ingram (I/230)

Cemeteries 35 through 47 are located in the southwest quarter of the county.

No. Name (Volume/Page)
35    Mineola City (II/1)
36    Mineola Negro Cemetery (II/80)
37    Rose Lawn (II/101)    North of Mineola on TX Hwy 37
38    Bigham Family (II/131) North of Mineola, corner hwy 37 and CR 2460.
39    Ford and Green (II/132)
40    Hope (II/135) Mineola. Corner CR1254 and CR 1560.
Sand Springs (II/135) UPDATED!
        2-1/2 miles from intersection of US69 and TX37, north side of US69
        Complete listing available:  
Surnames A-L or Surnames M-Z.
42    Golden Negro Cemetery (II/198)
Pilgrim's Rest #2 (II/199) About 4 miles SE of Alba on US 69. UPDATED!
44    Golden (II/205)
45    Cottonwood (II/220)
46    Enon (II/226) East of Alba on FM 182.
47    Bell Family (II/239)

Cemeteries 48 through 72 are located in the northeast quarter of the county.

No. Name (Volume/Page)
48    Ebenezer (III/1)
        Oak Grove Community. 3/4 mile south of intersection FM2088 and FM14
49   Mount Shiloah (Shiloh) Negro Cemetery (III/40)
       1-1/2 miles east of Quitman on FM154.
50   Jordan Family (III/46)
51   Lively Family (III/47)
52   Stout Family (East Point) (III/48)
53   Perryville (III/51)
54   Mt. Zion (III/74)
55   Monday Family (III/75)
56   Pineview (III/76)
57   Shady Grove (III/77)
58   Quitman City (III/103)
59   Hester Farm (III/132)
60   Smith (III/133)
61   Willard (III/134)
62   McGee (III/140)
63   Smyrna (III/146) Lookups are available from
64   Sharon (III/185)
65   Henson Family (III/211)
66   Ingram Family (III/212)
67  Muddy Creek (III/215)
68   Shamburger (III/225). Only one marked grave: Absalom Shamburger 1 Mar 1807 - 9 Jun 1866.
69   Fouse (III/226)
70   L. A. Bryan (III/227)
71   Clover Hill (III/228)
72   Kinard Graves (III/258)

Cemeteries 73 through 96 are located in the northwest quarter of the county.

No. Name (Volume/Page)
73   Sharp (IV/1)  South of Yantis. From intersection of TX154 and FM515, south on TX154  1.6 mi., then east on oiled road 0.8 mi., then north on oiled road 0.2 mi., then east on the lane 0.1 mi. Cemetery on north side of lane.
74   Rambo (IV/15) From FM2966 1.8 mi. north of Quitman city limits, west then north 0.8 mi.        2 graves.
75   Hendrix (IV/16)
76   Setzler (IV/17) (Also called Searcy Cemetery)
77   Price (IV/18)  Intersection FM2966 and Wood County Road 1415, 5 miles north of Quitman.
78   Holland (IV/19)
79   Old Salem (IV/22)
80   Pleasant Grove (IV/25)
81   Farr Farm (IV/33)
82   Myrtle Springs (IV/34)
83   Lee (IV/53)  South of Winnsboro on TX37
84   Hays (IV/127
85   Salem (IV/131)
86   Attaway Grave (IV/154)
87   Delilah Rainwater (IV/155)
87A Cooper Graves (IV/155)
88   Wright Family (IV/156)
89   Matthew McCreight (IV/157) On TX154 between Alba and Yantis. 2 graves.
90   Taylor Family (IV/158) 1.8 mi. north of Setzler Cem. 1 grave.
91   Winnsboro city (IV/159) Pine and Mulberry Streets, northwest of downtown Winnsboro.
92   Rock Hill (IV/187)
       From intersection FM69 and FM515 (Coke) 1.4 miles west, then  0.2 mile north.
93   Yantis (IV/214)
       From intersection FM154 and FM2966, 0.4 mile east, then 0.3 mile north 
         on oiled road. West side of road.
94   Hopewell (IV/246)
95   Pleasant Ridge (IV/292)  
96   Carver Marker (IV/315) North of intersection FM1647 and TX11. 1 grave.

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