The Don Roberts Collection

The late Don Roberts was an avid genealogist who devoted many years to his research. Not only was he interested in the Roberts surname, but he also collected information on Wood and the surrounding counties plus prominent families of the area.

The Wood County Genealogical Society purchased much of Mr. Roberts' collected data from his estate. One box of material, however, was purchased (at auction) by an unknown individual for a price higher than the society could afford.

Many books and periodicals from the collection were immediately added to the shelved material in the Genealogy Research room in the Quitman Library. It is only with the availability of more library space (and many hours of volunteer service) that the balance of the Don Roberts material has begun to be indexed and made available to genealogy researchers.

Much of this material is possibly of broad interest and may, in the future, be posted on these web pages, contributed to the Texas Archives, or made available in published hard copy. The most likely first publication will be in the Wood County Genealogical Society Quarterly Newsletter. Some, by its nature (e.g. personal correspondence), may not be suitable for public exposure. Some of the material (e.g. old newspaper clippings) is extremely fragile and will not be made available until appropriate copying and preservation can be completed.

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We are extremely proud to house this collection and make it available.

Box 1:
Photograph No. 1: Black and white glossy, 8 x 10, copy of original which is partially destroyed. Photograph of William Crawford Roberts and 7 sons. Five girls not shown.
Photograph No. 2: Black and white glossy, 8 x 10, 14 persons identified, Grandchildren of Reason Leonard Peters
Photograph No. 3: Black and white glossy, 8 x 10, photograph made about 1916, copied by Reason L. (Rouse) Ellis in 1973. Seven children of George and Caroline Eubanks Peters.
Photograph No. 4: 8 x 10 on hard board, portrait reproduced from original tintype donated by Mrs. Dola Roberts Garrett to family of K. P. Roberts. Persons shown are William Ballenger (17 Sep 1780 - 13 Feb 1864), Pressley B. Roberts (11 Dec 1808 - 4 May 1864), and Kelley Peters Roberts (27 Jan 1877 - 4 Nov 1936)
Photograph No. 5: 5 x 7, faded. Reason L. Peters Jr., presumed to be on birthdate, 1 Oct 1878.
Photograph No. 6: 8 x 10. Governor Waller (of MS) handing K. C. Peters his Certificate of Appointment to the Penintentiary Board, from which he resigned 1 May 1974.
Photograph No. 7: Black and white glossy, 8 x 10, identified on back as son of Charles Stakley Roberts, R. E. (Red) Roberts 3 Sep 1932.

Box No. 2:
Item 1. Family History, With name origin and lineage lines, Roberts, B. K.
Item 2. Roberts Family Research by Harry D. Roberts, Malibu, CA., 1974.
Item 3. Roberts Register, Vol 1 thru 4, 1985. Family Newsletter booklet.
Item 4A. Don Roberts - Family Brochure.
Item 5. Georgia Deeds, and Holly Springs Baptist Church.
Item 6. Kella Peters/Oakley/Peden Family research.
Item 7.
Shoemaker Bible.
Item 8. Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy.
Item 9. Newspaper copies. Fragile. To be copied.
Item 10. Early GA marriages, Roberts.
Items 11 and 12. Family Group Sheets.
Item 13. Family Group Sheets, Kelley Peters Roberts.
Item 14. Family Group Sheets, Benjamin Franklin Roberts.
Item 15. Family Group Sheets, Presley B. Roberts.
Item 16. "Maud" Correspondence file.
Item 17. Correspondence files, general genealogy.
Item 18. (Three files) Research Notes.
Item 19. Don Roberts, Biographical information and family genealogy.

Box No. 3:
Items 1 thru 3. Apparently missing. Item 4. Roberts Family History, by Seaver.
Item 5. Newsletters of the Wood Co. Hist. Soc. Committee.
Item 6. Misc. Genealogy Information.
Item 7. Usable blank FGS forms.
Item 8. John Roberts, file.
Item 9. Hood Research document.
Item 10. Correspondence.
Item 11. Redwine file.
Item 12. Peters/Oakley document.
Item 13. Roberts research document.
Item 14. Evelyn Sowers, correspondence.
Item 15. Jewel Kelley, correspondence.
Item 16. Louella Moore, correspondence and family charts.
Item 17. W. O. Winburn, correspondence.
Item 18. Kenneth Mallory, correspondence.
Item 19. Cecil Aycock, correspondence.
Item 20. Aycock Genealogy, in a book.
Item 20A. Helen Marie Aycock Alexander, correspondence.
Item 21. Larry Armstrong, correspondence.
Item 22. Aycock correspondence.
Item 23. Helen McDonald, correspondence.
Item 24. Robert Aycock, correspondence.
Item 25. Marvin Aycock, correspondence.
Item 26. Aycock research and letters.

Box No. 4:
Item 1. Documents/manuscript.
Item 2. Mrs. Pauline Harris, correspondence and research.
Item 3. Lula and John Brawner,
bible record, marriage record, Peters/Roberts/Brawner.
Item 4. Mrs. Dorothy Brandon, correspondence and notes.
Item 5. Greer/Caldwell. Bible record.
Item 6. Old Campbell Co., GA., Commentary, correspondence, news articles.
Item 7. Gilbert family file.
Item 8. Burleson family.
Item 9. Stewart D. Brown.
Item 10. Evelyn Ballard/Ballenger.
Item 11. Ballenger/Redwine/Quaker document.
Item 12. Tony Hood Booth/Rebecca Stone Blard manuscript.
Item 13. Hood general file.
Item 14. Wood County deed records, copies.
Item 15.
Wood Co. Militia, Civil War Record. Also Flora Masonic Rec. Flora Lodge.
Item 16. News copy clippings from Georgia.
Item 17. News copy clippings re Wood Co., TX.
Items 18 thru 20. Georgia Genealogist Magazine.

Box No. 5:
Item 1. Authentic List of all Land Lottery Grants Made to Veterans on the Revolutionary War by the State of Georgia.
Items 2 and 3. Georgia Genealogist.
Item 4. Something in summary about the Roberts Family.
Item 5. Roberts Family by Don Roberts.
Item 6. Vol. VI. Excerpts from Encyclopedia of American Genealogy.
Item 7. Texas Parks and Wildlife, Aug 1974, Vol. XXXII, No. 8, The Hogg Family.
Items 8 and 9. Georgia Fenealogist.
Item 10. Pages from the Past, Blue Book, Historical Notes on Clarendon, AR.
Item 11. The Auguston, 95th issue XXII:3.
Item 12. The Colonial Genealogist, No. 45.

Box No. 6:
Item 1. The Hartwell Sun, Vol. XXVI. Fragile.
Item 2. The Colonial Genealogist Vol. VIII, No. 3, Aug 1976.
Item 3. Some Virginia Marriages, 11 volumes, compiled 1972-1976, covering the years 1700-1825.
Item 4. Some Kentucky Marriages, compiled 1976, covering the years 1775-1799.
Item 5. 100th Anniversary of Rains County.
Item 6. The Ridge Runners, Vol. XV, No. 3.
Item 7. Heads of Families, SC, 1800 SC census.
Item 8. Georgia Genealogist.
Item 9.
12th Brigade. Compiled on 9 Sep 1861. (Removed and attached to Item 15 from Box 4.)
Item 10. Georgia Genealogist Nos. 31, 36 thru 42, 44 thru 49.

Other: Thirty-eight volumes which duplicate books already available in the Genealogy Research Room of the Quitman Public Library. These duplicate volumes will be stored in Library Archives.

The "Shoemaker" Bible.

Don Roberts copied the information from the bible he called the "Shoemaker" bible. It is Mr. Roberts' typed transcription that is reproduced here. The title page of the bible reads, in part, as follows:

Holy Bible
Old and New Testaments
Together With
The Aprocrypha
and with
The Former Translations Delegently Compared and Released
Cannes Margenal Notes and References
. . .
Published and Sold by Morgan and ?nxany
- - - - begin copy of Don Roberts transcription - - - -

The following information is taken from an old family bible in the possession of Mrs. Roland Sutton. It is sometimes called the "Shoemaker" bible.


J. P. Peden was born December 3rd in the year of our Lord, 1816.

Elizabeth M. Peden was born December the 18th in the year of our Lord, 1817.

Mary J. Peden was born on October 2nd in the year of our Lord, 1843.

William N. Peden was born July 7th in the year of our Lord, 1845.

Rosanah C. Peden was born August the 16th in the year of our Lord, 1847.

Martha A. Peden was born September the 20th in the year of our Lord, 1849.

Robert A. Peden was born August the 20th in the year of our Lord, 1852.

Cinthia G. Peden was born the 15th of December in the year of our Lord, 1854.

Elizabeth M. Peden was born Jany the 26th in the year of our Lord, 1857.

Nancy L. Peden was born September the 8th, 1859.

John P. Peden was born May the 8th, 1822.

Elizabeth Malinday Shoemaker was married the 5th January in the year of our Lord, 1843. Age twenth five years and seventeen days old. (Malinday, J.P.)

Allas Manervey Richardson was born in the year of our Lord, June 20, 1861.

John Franklin Richardson was born in the year of our Lord May 5, 1870.

Sarah Francis Mobbley was born in the year of our Lord, November the 12th, 1869.


______(Frank ? ) Richardson and Mary Peden was married July the 29th, 1866.

W. F. Mobley and R. C. Peden was married December 24, 1868.


John P. Peden died May the 26th in the year of our Lord 1862.

Elizabeth M. Peden died June the 6th in the year of our Lord, 1862.

Martha Ann Peden died the 8 of January in the year of our Lord 1867.

W. M. Peden died November 20th, 1928.


An undated newspaper clipping shows the death of Mrs. Mary Francis Shoemaker, known as "Aunt Puss." She was 65 years of age, born March 3, 1862. Married Samuel Shoemaker who lived only a few years after their marriage. She came to East Point nearly 35 years ago and made her home with her uncle, Miller Peden until her death.

- - - - - end of copy - - - -


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