Brawner/McIntyre Family Bible Records

given to Don Roberts
by Gladys Brawner Russell

Gladys Brawner Russell sent copies of pages from her family bible plus a marriage certificate in a letter to Don Roberts dated 22 March 1971. Mrs. Russell wrote additional notes on the backs of the copy pages. Don Roberts then prepared a typed transcription of what he had received. Pertinent parts of the Don Roberts transcription are included here.

Marriage Certificate:
This certifies that the rite of HOLY MATRIMONY was celebrated between J. L. McIntyre of Smith County, Texas and Miss F. A. Peters of Smith County, Texas, on 2nd day of May, 1867 at the residence of K. Peters by the Rev. C. A. Crocker. Witness: William Crocker. Witness: Parthena Peters.

On Family Bible page headed "Marriages:"
J. L. McIntyre and Miss F. A. Peters was married May 2nd,1867 in Smith Co., Texas, by the Rev. C. A. Crocker.
J. B. Brawner and Miss Lula McIntyre was married June 23, 1867 in Smith County, Texas, by the Rev. L. L. Lodden. [Note: the latter could be Lossen or Loffen.]

On Family Bible page headed "Memoranda:"
Walter Brawner was born April 28, 1888, Smith Co., Texas, d. Sept 25, 1892.
Dainie A. Brawner was born Oct. 3, 1890, Smith Co., Texas died Sept. 1944. [Note: Dainie questionable. Hard to read.]
John F. Brawner was born May 4, 1892, Smith Co., Texs, died Dec. 11, 1970.
Roy W. Brawner was born Oct. 22, 1893, Smith Co., Texas, died Dec. 3, 1937.
Leila M. Brawner was born June 3, 1896, died Sept __ 1948.
Francis A. Brawner, born July 7, 1897. {Notation: Addie.]
Dewey Brawner, born Oct. 24, 1899, died May 11, 1970.
Ralph Brawner, born Oct. 30, 1901, died Feb. 2, 1959.
Thomas E. Brawner, born Feb. 12, 1903.
Mattie I. Brawner, born April 20, 1905.
Gladys Brawner, born Sept. 15, 1907.
Louise Brawner, born June 7, 1911.
Lanita Brawner, born April 25, 1913.

On Family Bible page headed "Births:"
John L. McIntyre was born Sept. 25, 1842; Pontotoc County, Miss, died Oct. 14, 1882.
Mrs F. A. McIntyre was born Aug. 24, 1851, LaFayette County, Georgia, died Jan. 7, 1897.
P. L. McIntyre was born Aug. 6th, 1869, Smith County, Texas, died Aug. 1927.
Thomas K. McIntyre was born Jan. 7, 1872, Smith County, Texas, died _____.
Emma McIntyre was born Sept. 15, 1874, in Smith County, Texas, died _____.
John B. Brawner born Dec. 15, 1861, Carnsville Georgia, died Aug 1932.

All the following material was typed by Don Roberts and reflects notes, etc., written (in 1971) on the backs of the bible page copies plus one handwritten page:

D. A. Brawner (Don)(Dainie) b. 10-3-90, d. Sept. 1944
Wife: Mary Copeland
Sons: Fred Loftin and Thomas C.

John F. Brawner (Bud) b. 5-4-92, d. 12-11-70
Wife: Vallie Bruton (deceased)
3 sons: John Bruton, Edward Leroy, Elvin
Daughter: Janice

Leila M. Brawner (Myrtle) b. 6-3-96, d. Sept. 1948
Husband: Howard I. White (deceased)
Son: James D.

Dewey Brawner b. 10-24-99, d. 5-11-70
Wife: Wertha Rather
Daughter: Virginia (Mrs. Clarence Berry)
Five grandchildren

Ralph Brawner b. 10-30-01, d. 2-2-59. Unmarried

Roy W. Brawner b. 10-30-93. d. 12-5-37. Married Lillian Pickel and divorced.

Thomas E. Brawner b. 2-12-03
Married Sybil F. Skinner
Daughter: Joyce F.
Son (adopted) Lee M.

Mrs. Edwin Martin (Illene or Shug) b. 4-20-05
Daughter: Frances
Son: John L. (Larry)

Gladys Brawner b. 9-15-07
Husband: Charles H. Russell
Daughter: Jo Ruth
Son: Chas. E.

Louise Brawner b. 6-7-11 Husband: Frank P. Wood
Son: Frank Mitchell (Mike)

LaNita Brawner b. 4-25-13
Husband: Leroy Buie
Daughter: Judi L.

Frances Addie (Bea) b. 7-7-97

Jim Mallory and wife, Bell, had two daughters, Ora and Vannie; and three sons, Kenney, James, Dewey.

Death notice in Dallas or Tyler paper gives son Burl instead of Dewey. Ora is Ora Petrea, widow of C. E. Petrea. Vannie died 1-29-71, survived by husband Eric Brooks. Buried in Providence cemetery, just down the road from where they lived.

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